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Future Vision also offers you magic shows, and we proudly present the amazing illusionist from Dubai – Mr. Sumeet Spell. He’s been doing shows in Dubai, UAE across the Middle East, so his reputation is pretty good when it comes down to making the audiences go “wow!”.

Mr. Sumeet is adaptable to any kind of party or event that you may have. He can choose to be kid- friendly for a child’s birthday party or make his array of magic tricks more adult-oriented for the grown-ups. No matter who his audience would be, Mr. Sumeet only displays the most surprising and mind- blowing magic tricks of today’s time.

Magic tricks are very difficult to master in today’s generation, where people can easily decipher things with the help of the internet, Mr. Sumeet’s ability to adapt to the modern standards of magic tricks is outstanding. Even with today’s time, he never runs out of tricks up his sleeve!

Our wonderful magician performs various magic shows in Dubai, UAE & across the Middle East, so it’s no surprise that he’s a full-time professional with a lot of experience on different audiences. If he’s traveled this far then surely, he’s bound to easily adapt to your preferred event theme and will get your audience
stirred up and laughing (or even crying in amazement)! That’s how amazing his magic tricks would be – if you hire him, that is.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring Mr. Sumeet’s magic to your next event now!

The Illusionist - Sumeet organizes magic shows in Dubai, UAE & across the Middle East.

Sumeet Spell, a full time professional magician. The Illusionist Dubai – Mr. Sumeet has been entertaining audiences in the U.A.E and throughout the Middle East since the year 2000.

Having developed his own unique humorous style of Stage and Close-up magic, he offers a number of different packages to suit the type of event you have in mind, whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding or your child’s birthday party, magician Sumeet Spell will interact and delight with your audience with his own unique style of magic.

He is a very famous and professional Magician, Illusionist and an Entertainer. We have magically transformed many a crying children into a laughing lot through our sheer Magic Shows that have compelled many adults to reschedule their programs to enjoy the tricks of the two hands. The only thing our magician can’t do is to prevent you from being entertained.

Magic Shows with Famous Magician Sumeet, Dubai

One of the major attractions Future Vision has to offer is the very famous Magic Show in Dubai. Magician & Illusionist Sumeet, a full time professional magician and illusionist performs magic shows in Dubai, UAE & across the Middle East.

Sumeet has been in the entertainment industry for the past 18 years and has developed his own unique humorous style of Stage and Close-up magic. His charm and humour has made children laugh and adults reschedule their busy day and let a little bit of magic lighten up their day. He offers various show packages to suit your event and budget requirements.